covid-19 Information

Update - Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2021

Entry to our Main Gym and Boulder Lab is limited to visitors who are fully vaccinated.

All visitors must show their vaccination receipt when checking in at the front desk.

A copy of your vaccination receipt (for Ontario residents) is available at

We will verify your receipt with information on your gym waiver (name, date of birth).

As a non-health provider, we will not store any health related information on your account. If you have sent this information to us previously, it has or will be deleted.

Climbing Reservations

Reservations are no longer required. Capacity restrictions have been lifted as of Monday, Oct. 25th, 2021.


Youth born in 2010 or later will not be permitted to climb in the Main Gym or Boulder Lab.

Youth too young for vaccination will have access to our Youth Lab (for bouldering) and Alley (for route climbing).

  • Membership, day pass, or enrollment in a Youth Program required for admission.

  • Adult supervision required if visiting outside regularly scheduled programs. Supervising adult must provide proof of vaccination.

Climbing hours are limited - visit our Youth Climbing Calendar for availability.


Fully vaccinated climbers may pull masks down while actively climbing. Masks must be worn (properly) at all other times.

We are NOT currently set up to verify mask or vaccination exemptions at Climber's Rock.

Until further notice, everyone inside the main gym and boulder lab must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask (properly) when not climbing.

Refunds are available for anyone who needs to cancel their membership (visit our Prices page for more information).

Any other questions?

Please visit our contact page.

Please keep in mind we are a climbing gym. We know a lot about indoor rock climbing and can answer just about any question you have related to our sport and our facility. That is all.