covid-19 Information

Update - Thursday, Sept. 16th, 2021

Beginning Wed. Sept. 22nd, entry to our Main Gym and Boulder Lab are limited to those who are fully vaccinated.

You may send a copy of your 2nd dose receipt to

A copy of your vaccination receipt (for Ontario residents) is available at

Please Note: You are NOT required to send your vaccination receipt in advance.

If you do, we will update your account at the gym as proof of full vaccination. If you have, at any time you can contact us and request that we remove the copy we have from your account:

  • by phone at 905-633-7625

  • or by email at

  • or in person (at any customer service desk)

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, we will have a separate Check In area set up for individuals who prefer to show their vaccination passport and ID prior to each visit.


Unvaccinated youth will not be permitted to enter the Main Gym or Boulder Lab.

We have a separate entrance and climbing area to accommodate youth. For more information, visit our Youth page.


Fully vaccinated people may pull masks down while actively climbing. Masks must be worn (properly) at all other times.

Climbing Reservations

Reservations during peak climbing hours (Mon-Fri between 5 and 9 pm) are available but not required. If you do not have a reservation, you may have to wait or come back in a while (depending on how full the gym is).

We will be operating at a reduced capacity to ensure proper social distancing can be maintained.

Climbing Reservations can be made online at

For the safety and equality of everyone in the gym, we do NOT allow mask or vaccination exemptions at Climber's Rock.

Until further notice, everyone inside the main gym and boulder lab must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask (properly) when not climbing.

Refunds are available for anyone who needs to cancel their membership (visit our Prices page for more information).

Any other questions?

Please visit our contact page.

Please keep in mind we are a climbing gym. We know a lot about indoor rock climbing and can answer just about any question you have related to our sport and our facility. That is all.