Regular Membership Prices

Prices before tax in effect September 2022.

Monthly memberships begin on date of purchase. Regular Climbing memberships do not include rental equipment or instruction.


$79/month fixed, $50 start up

1 Month Prepaid


2 Months Prepaid


3 Months Prepaid


6 Months Prepaid


12 Months Prepaid


ROCTOBER Annual Membership

Available for purchase every year during the month of October

Membership Cancellation & Refund

Prepaid memberships may be cancelled early by contacting Cancellations are not available at the front desk or over the phone.

Refunds are determined by calculating the cost of time at current regular membership rates up to cancellation date and subtracting that amount + $20 change request fee from the original price paid for your membership.

Unused membership time may not be transferred to other customers.

Day Use & Lesson Prices

Prices before tax in effect December 2022

*PLEASE NOTE* Large groups should book ahead with us via our Contact Us page so we can arrange appropriate staff.

We require at least 2 weeks notice to confirm any bookings. Some dates are not suitable for group visits, and unexpected groups may be turned away if we cannot accommodate them.

Day Passes

Day Pass $25.00 Day Pass with Rental Gear $43.00

Day Pass for 2 $48.00 Day Pass for 2 with Rental Gear $80.00

10 Pass Punch Card $188

10 Pass Punch with Rental Gear $298

5 Pass Punch Card $99 *** NEW ***

4 Pass Punch Card $88

4 Pass Punch with Rental Gear $144

3 Pass Punch Card $69

3 Pass Punch with Rental Gear $114

Punch card passes can be used for friends & family.

Off Peak Pass $17.70

Check in Monday to Friday before 4pm or after 9pm

Lessons & Tests

Top Rope Belay Lesson $12

Length: 90 minutes (advance booking required)

*** Membership or Day Pass required to climb after lesson

Top Rope Belay Test FREE (with Day Pass or Membership)

Length: 10 minutes (no booking required)

Lead Belay Course $180

Length: Two 3-hr sessions (advance booking required)

Lead Climbing & Belay Test $15

Length: 30 minutes (advance booking required)

Rental Equipment

Climbing Shoes $7 Available in adult, child and toddler sizes.

Climbing Harness $5 Available in adult, youth and toddler sizes.

Chalk Bag $6

Any other questions?

If our website hasn't answered all your questions about prices, get in touch with our living, breathing staff via our contact page.